8 Celebrities Who Stopped Taking Care Of Their Body


When celebrities are working on screen, they look their best. These look amazing because they maintain their body well. But the moment they give up on themselves, or just stop taking care of their body. These are some celebrities that look quite different from when they used to take care of themselves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer became a mother of two since then she has put on a good amount of weight. She stopped wearing slim fit dresses and opted for suits instead.

Eva Longoria

Eva gained extra pounds when she got married the Third time in May 2016. But this doesn’t bother the couple, as they enjoy every time they are together.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly used to diet and exercise to maintain her figure. But after she got married and became a mother of two, she gained extra pounds and doesn’t mind to be comfortable in her own skin.

Russell Crowe

Russel has been open to new things to do for his role, he didn’t mind gaining weight for his role either. He gained almost 50lbs for The Nice Guys movie.

Tyra Banks

America’s Top Model, has gained extra pounds since 2006. She is a mother and tries to make time for both, her son and her career.

Vin Diesel

The bald-headed, star is known for his sharpness in the flicks. This shirtless picture of him went viral in 2016. But he got in shape again for his next movie.

Kate Winslet

Kate doesn’t follow the typical Hollywood need for losing weight. She despises to do so, just for the sake of the glamour. Her weight has not impacted her beauty and talent.


The perfect example of a ‘Goddess of a voice’, Adele has always been called plumpy, and then Adele has lost over 30lbs. But she soon came back to normal, as she gave up on maintaining.


  1. So? Hollywood is too obsessed with thinness to begin with… Taking care of yourself has a lot more involved than just maintaining being thin. Hasn’t stopped any of these people from gaining roles and working. Maybe if we stopped expecting people to adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards people could finally not only feel comfortable in their skin, but actually feel beautiful and sexy. What a concept!


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