Brazilian Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free And Here Are 30 Transformations

Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free

Humans are in a competition of collecting money for various reasons. Even though they need to think of the well-being of the entire race they worked only for themselves. In such kind of situation can a man be more generous? Yes, people can help others in numerous ways. It is not all about the donate material goods. Even you can change the world by providing services. This story is about the dentist who was a superhero for the innocent poor people in Brazil.

Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free

Felipe Rossi who works as a dentist was able to bring back the smile of the poor people in Brazil. after joining the NGO Por1sorriso he uses his profession to fix the low-income individuals’ teeth for free. Most of them are not in a position to spend the huge money on fixing their teeth. Even though it’s a problem they suffered their routine problems lager than the “smiling” problem. It is hard to smile through the tears, but if your teeth are also a barrier to smile, it is hard. So it becomes a dream to smile as the past days to them.

Terri Rimmer, who fix teeth with the help of the programme, told her own story about the way how she suffered during the past years. “Before surgery, my life was just a black hole. I spent years not being able to smile in pictures and it was always humiliating because people taking pictures in a group setting kept saying, ‘smile’ and I couldn’t do it,” Terri said.

“Also I had to give up so many things that I couldn’t eat that I loved for years like fresh cherries and salads. I hadn’t had a salad in 18 years! After surgery, I can smile in pictures and I have confidence! When I put my dentures in for the first time and went into the bathroom at the dentist I just kept looking at myself in the mirror and smiling. It was like my face was plugged in after all these years! My eyes just lit up and my face was just lifted! Even my mom and other people noticed.”

Even though this fixing process takes more time and brings pain, it is worth to tolerate it when compared to the suffering they had all over the past years. Smile is one of the vital facts of determining the personality of a person. So the Rossi is planning to run with this project throughout Kenya, Mozambique, and elsewhere. “This assistance is very different from projects where people simply get toothbrushes and toothpaste,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

We all should appreciate the effort of Rossi who wants to spread smile all over the world. And if you are willing to be a dentist, it is a profession that can change the world.

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  1. I wish someone would help me with mine. I am a 41 yr old single mother of two sons.. I have been fighting periodontal disease my whole life.. and am not a candidate for implants due to not enough bone in jaw.. Everyone says that there are some that go into cheekbones but it’s like $50, 000 they have quoted me. If anyone knoy anyone who can help me, please contact me at [email protected] I work in customer service and am slowly losing my front teeth now. I do not want this to affect my livelyhood.

  2. Thank you for the great job of restoring dignity through the smiling faces.
    I am also need some help..Lost most teeth from my upper and lower jaws..

  3. I started having seizure at the age of 13 till 35 I cracked my teeth grinding it at night my teeth are bad . I got married and didn’t have a photographer cause I didn’t want to take pictures not to smile. My 10year wedding anniversary is Feb 22nd 2023 . I’m hoping and praying I will have my tooth fix . May God bless this dentist.

  4. If your ever in the San Francisco Bay area, hit me up for meals and a place to stay. I need implants in the worst way. I can’t chew anything as I have no teeth.


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