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There are many kinds and breeds of dogs’ large medium and small. Furry shaggy or sleek they are all lovable and affectionate creatures to love and treasure the short time they have to spend with us. A dog’s life span is short about 12 to 15 years the most.  During this short span of their doggie years, they can teach us a lot about unconditional love and loyalty to its master and if we look after them with loving care you can expect to lead a happy and fun-loving life with your pet.

Mind blowing facts about Labradors and Golden Retrievers Petlover Petlover

Both the Labrador and Golden Retriever are beautiful and intelligent dogs. They can be trained during their puppy days whether as a pet or guard dog, as they are good in obeying commands. They love to be with the family. These breeds are not meant to be kept chained or crated.  They especially love to be by the side of children and their master and are very loving and put up with all the antics that kids are up to. But it is also good to teach your children to be kind and respectful of the dog.  

How to potty train your dog properly? Petlover Petlover

You have to start training a puppy from its puppy stage especially potty training. Remember after each meal to take him outside to do his business. He or she will get to know this and gradually do his business outside. Never scold or punish him if he has an accident inside the house. Just tell him firmly that he has to do his business outside after showing the place of his mess.   As they grow older, they really stop having any accident at all inside the house. Train him with the basic sit come, fetch commands.  If you are not able to train him, it is wiser to get a trainer or take him for obedience class.

Exercising is a must!

Dogs need a lot of exercises especially the big breeds. So, it is good to take him out every morning for a brisk walk. It is good for both master and dog. Let him take you to the spots he wants sniff trees bushes. If you are taking him to a playfield if it is safe you can let him off the leash to run and play. You can throw him a stick or ball to fetch. Daily 30 minutes walk is advisable.  Daily exercise for you and the dog will be great for your health as well.  It reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers any cholesterol levels. Petlover Petlover

Your dog will feel well and happy after his walk, this will be good so that he won’t be up to any mischief and will want to do a nap until his next meal.  Remember during the hot and humid dog days of summer to give him plenty of water.  Dogs love to swim especially Labradors.

Winding Up!

So, if you love dogs and have the time to look after them and treat them well you won’t regret it. They will love you and be faithful to you, right to the end of their life. Do remember to give his years’ vaccinations and take him to the vet at least every 6 months for check-ups.


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