This Man Took Over 1,000 Children Of Fallen Soldiers To Disneyland Free Of Charge


Most of the time the celebrities use their wealth and popularity to impress the fans. But when they used their power to make the world a better place by sponsoring or arranging social welfare activities which enhance their image too. Recently Gary Sinise raises his hand together with the families who needed to be remembered in everyone’s heart.

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Gary Sinise is not only an actor but also a well-known musician who performed in Forest Gump, The Green Mile and Apollo 13. Besides his talent peoples recognized him as a good hart person because of his philanthropical work. He has established the Gary Sinise Foundation, which serves the needs of veterans, defenders, first responders, their families, and communities.

Gray Sinise children fallen solders trip disney

The program called “Snowball Express” launched targeting the families of fallen US military heroes. Since the lead role of those families not with them, Gary wanted to take the children who lost their military fathers or mothers to the magical places on earth called “Disney World” on FREE..!!

Gray Sinise children fallen solders trip disney

Over 1750 kids were joined to this 5-night trip with their surviving parents. All of them received “we remember” pin which tribute for those silent heroes. And 600 flags were lined up to represent each of their loved ones lost in the battle. It was one of a period where all those kids release their pains which sometimes even noticed by general people. The time spending each other helps to mitigate the loss that they have all the time.

Gray Sinise children fallen solders trip disney

“The most important thing about [Snowball Express] is that these children don’t feel alone. There’s a lot of healing and a lot of bonding and a lot of friendship that goes on that helps them through the rest of the year,” Sinise told CBS Los Angeles.

Gray Sinise children fallen solders trip disney

Even though we cannot bring those heroes back, what we can do is fulfill the space of their families as much as possible. So the work is done by the Gray definitely should be appreciated without any hesitation.

Gray Sinise children fallen solders trip disney
Gray Sinise children fallen solders trip disney

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