A Mother Fell Through A Ceiling While Her Daughter Sang In A Viral TikTok

A woman hilariously crashes through the ceiling while her daughter films viral video

If you are a Tik Toker, you probably like to do it with silence. Mostly if you are at home and making a video, you expect less interrupt from the parents. To be viral, you are fully attached to the song or movie line you presented. In such a situation, what happens when someone disturbs your video?

Liz San Millan was making a TikTok as part of the “Freeze Frame Challenge”, and singing to the camera.  She was trying with Heathers: the Musical and video was performing in her room. But after a few seconds, there was a huge sound, and her mother’s leg can be seen hanging out of a hole in Liz’s room’s roof. At the moment when looking for a Suitcase, this happened.


Watch the Video

But don’t worry, her mom is fine – despite what looks like a painful fall.

Though it looks like a terrible mother is fine, now she is waiting for duets and loves to read comments as per the Liz.

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