Bus Driver Helps Out A Student Crying Over Being Unprepared For Pajama Day At School


It’s amazing how a small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life, especially when it comes from unexpected sources during tough times. Little Levi, a first-grader, was having a terrible day as he didn’t have any pajamas for the PJ day at school. Thankfully, a guardian angel saved the day and came to his rescue. Although this angel didn’t have wings, they drove a bus, and that didn’t matter at all.

Little Levi, who’s usually a happy and bubbly first grader, was visibly upset one morning

Bus Driver Helps Out A Student Crying Over Being Unprepared For Pajama Day At School

Primary school can be a challenging experience for children as they have to adjust to a new, often scary environment and learn new things like reading and writing. But if they’re lucky, they have amazing teachers who love their jobs and go above and beyond to make the kids’ first learning experience a happy one. Unfortunately, not every family is fortunate enough to attend various school events or buy things for their little ones to fit in.

Larry Farrish Jr., a school bus driver, knows all the kids he picks up for school. He’s aware of the shy ones and the ones who like to cause trouble, but he loves them equally. When he started driving a bus over seven years ago, it was just a job. But now, he considers it a passion that lets him make an impact.

His school bus driver, Mr. Larry, noticed his distress and inquired what had happened. Turns out, it was Pajama Day at school and Levi didn’t have any

Bus Driver Helps Out A Student Crying Over Being Unprepared For Pajama Day At School

After they leave their parents, Larry considers the kids his own. He makes sure they get to and from school safely, but he also tries to bring some joy to their lives.
When Larry pulled up to the bus stop, he saw little Levi sitting by himself with his head down. Larry immediately noticed that something was wrong as the boy was usually cheerful. He went up to him and asked what was bothering him. Levi looked up at him with teary eyes and confessed that it was pajama day at school, but he didn’t have any.

Although it may seem like a minor problem for an adult, it can be a traumatic experience for a little child, and the memory can haunt them even in adulthood. However, Mr. Larry was not going to let it happen.

“I thought – I gotta fix this”: the kind-hearted driver rushed to the nearest store to pick up pajamas for Levi

Bus Driver Helps Out A Student Crying Over Being Unprepared For Pajama Day At School

Larry felt terrible seeing little Levi upset, and it hurt him to see one of his kids unhappy. He wanted Levi to have a good day, and he couldn’t bear the thought of any child missing out on something as small as pajama day.

As an adult, Larry knew he had the power to make someone’s day better, whether it was by getting a stranger a cup of coffee, picking up flowers for a lonely elderly neighbor, or rushing to the nearest store to get a sad kid some pajamas. That’s precisely what he did.

After making sure that all the kids were safely dropped off at the Engelhard Primary School, he hurried to the nearby Family Dollar store and picked up two pairs of pajamas that he thought Levi would like. Larry then rushed back to the school and asked the front office staff to call Levi.
Larry, or Mr. Larry as the kids call him, is a beloved member of the school community. He’s devoted to children, and his gesture of helping Levi is a testament to that. After Jefferson County Public School shared Larry and Levi’s story, it quickly went viral, gathering thousands of positive comments where people shared similar experiences and how much of an impact it had on them growing up.

“I’m usually really happy, but not on pajama day… When he got me the pajamas, I did a happy cry”: Levi was very happy to receive this act of kindness

Bus Driver Helps Out A Student Crying Over Being Unprepared For Pajama Day At School

Despite the attention he received, Mr. Larry remains humble and doesn’t think he did something out of the ordinary. All he wanted was to see little Levi smiling again. He finds the media attention overwhelming and touching at the same time. However, he’s amazed that some people are going out of their way to let him know how appreciated he is.

“For people to find me and reach out on behalf of such a small gesture, it made me cry,” said Larry. “It feels good to know that I made an impact on a child’s life.”


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