Scientists Taught Rats How To Play Hide And Seek

Rats Hide And Seek game virallk (1)

When you are younger you should probably do the game called Hide and seek with your siblings. Not only the kids but also elders are also playing this since this is an enjoyable event brings the fun. Even though this is a game it can develop the mind and body of a person since to do this game the language or age do not be a barrier for players. If so can animal play this?

Rats Hide And Seek game virallk (1)

Few scientists in Berlin who is curious about the animal’s behavior were doing this hide and seek game with a Rat to understand their activities in further. Some animals such as Dogs, Cats are more likely to do this game since they have the sense they can play this game very well.

In previous studies, the rat was identified as they enjoy rowdy games where this hide and seek is more challengeable since it has specific guidelines. 

Rats Hide And Seek game virallk (1)

Michael Brencht who was leading this study set up a playground 30 square meter with few shelters as well as transparent and opaque boxes. Six rats were selected where Annika Stefanie was the game master while she became catcher for sometimes and also the hider.

Rats Hide And Seek game virallk (1)

The most fascinating fact is after two weeks five out of six rats catch up the rules related to game while understanding the switching pattern. This study reveals that rat’s brain can be also developed the same as other species.  If you are a pet owner of a Rat try to do with hiding and seek with your pet and if you are not do not wait so long to have fun with rats.

Rats Hide And Seek game virallk (1)

Here’s the footage from the experiment in the video below

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