SIX Things Happy People Never Do


If someone is asked what are you looking for throughout your life, everyone is having the same answer called, Happiness. In order to be happy people are trying to develop so many things such as showing gratitude, positive thinking, practicing kindness, building social relationships and so many things which bring happiness to them.

Anyhow if you want to be among happy people, you should avoid from below Six things

Mind other people business.

Most of the time people tend to be compared their own life with others. It’s not only about other’s wealth or something visible but few are worried about inner qualities that they think I do not have such etc. If you want to be happy, you have to STOP these assessments.

Seek validation of self-worth from others.

The most important factor is how would you define yourself? People may think and frame you, but they cannot judge you unless you give worth to yourself. Never mind if there is no one with you to stand up. It is totally fine to stand alone rather arguing with a thousand fake persons.

Rely on other people and external events for happiness.

 When you stop thinking that other people bring happiness to your life, definitely you can find happiness. The self-happiness doesn’t rely on others. If you live in the moment even though not everything in line with plan, you can be happier with the things that you already have and happened.

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Hold on to resentment.

You can be happier if you spend the time thinking that this is the moment which I waited for. Do not worried about the things happened in the past. You can forget the things in past but brings it as the only experience to focus your goals in future.

Spend prolonged periods in negative environments.

Baring a positive mindset even in failure times will lead you to true happiness. Things may be getting worse if you think over and over again. So try to spot the sliver line in even in the dark cloud where you can find good things including happiness not in the far away.

six Things Happy People Never Do - Virallk publication hub (1)

Resist the truth.

Always welcome truth even it is hard to bear or even it let you down. Definitely, it needs courage and strength to admire truth, but to be happy you have to face real situations while ignoring false or fake things which around you. 

So what you are going to be practiced if you want to be a happy person…

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