Man Paints Dream House In his favorite color “PINK”


What is your favorite color?. If it is PINK probably this story is for you.

Every person is like to dress, purchase goods with their favorite color. But what happens if you painted your whole house with the same color and it’s PINK!

The blocks in Texas was viewed in grey or white because most of the villagers are used those colors for their houses hence those colors derived a peaceful sight to eyes. But this view has stayed until the arrivals of Emilio in 2018.

His Story

Emilio Rodriguez loves the pink color since his childhood even though pink labeled as girly color. At the age of four, he met with an accident while letting him permanently paralyzed. Doctors were tried so much but unfortunately, his life is bounded with a wheelchair. The pink is the only thing which makes happier and one of a reason to mitigate the pain of the sickness.

In 2018 Emilio was started to paint his dream house even though his girlfriend and family begged not to the colored house in Pink, his favorite color. While ignoring them Emilio selected Pepto-Bismol-pink to paint his entire house. Not only the house but also Driveway and yard are also colored in pink. Another interesting fact is he plans to paint his wheelchair too.

Man Paints Dream House In his favorite color "PINK"- publication hub- virallk

Since most of the people are liked to live in peacefully, this change brought them a noticeable change in their lives. Not only family members but also neighbors are keeping scold him because of this fancy choice. However, this colorful choice viral on social Media and unnecessary publicity were drawn to this house while Emilio complained that he got threats and nasty comments regarding his choice.

Anyhow the message behind this house can be viewed as “follow your dreams, not your fears, even others are not in your side…!!!”

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