Drone Footage Reveals Over 100 Whales Trapped In Secret Underwater “Whale Jails”

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With reference to the word called “jail”, the picture which comes to the mind is not something favorable. Can you believe that the prisons exist, Not only in the ground but also inside the Ocean. The inmates who stacked in here is not someone caught for terrible mistakes, but they are the jailbirds trapped for innocent reasons while leading this jails as the illegal activity. These jails are called as Whale Jail where the 11 Orcas and 90 Beluga whales are being kept in cages. And far more nearly 100 cetaceans are kept in Russia’s Pacific coast, near to the southeastern city of Nakhodka.

what is the purpose of whale jails?

The investigations lead to knowing the reasons behind this illegal activity were found that these species are caught and kept for profit making purposes. The ocean theme park industry is a fast-growing industry in China whereas these animals are intended to be sold to those companies. Due to this competition between the enterprises the bidding range for an Orca is starting over $6 million.

Several Government agencies are looking for the exact reason behind this scenario hence the companies are convinced that these parks are maintained for scientific and educational purposes. They are trying to influence the public that the parks are the ideal way to understand the behavior of the ocean animals whereas the each and every one hasn’t the opportunity to observe this species by diving to the ocean. But it was found that during this HUNTING process number of Orcas and belugas spotted while the tanks may also contain infants while leading threat to spread of these animals. So even in the educational or scientific ground, this cannot be acceptable whereas everyone should stand up to protect them to see not in a cage but in the place where they belong to live.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France



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