How to recognize that your man doesn’t care about you?

How to recognize that your man doesn't care about you

Usually, a relationship is based on the love and care of each partner. If there is true love, you always feel secure and happy when you are with your partner. This connection is essential for girls. But, if your man doesn’t care about you, how do you recognize. Here are some signs that indicate your man doesn’t have a love for you.

1. He doesn’t give you priority.

You won’t always be his number one choice. Or else he may not give you priority all the time. He runs to you only when there is nothing else to do when there is nobody else to turn to. It’s like he has to scratch the bottom of the barrel just to be with you.

How to recognize that your man doesn't care about you?

2.He just wants to have sex with you.

Pure love is the basement of a real relationship. When you want to have a pure relationship that you can sustain for the entirety of your life, all the thing happen between you depend on the love. And if you notice that he cares more about your body than your love, then you know that he doesn’t care about you very much. His only concern is sex.

3. He refuses to introduce you to others.

He never really wants to expose you to his world. He’s not interested in merging lives with you in general. And that’s how you can say he doesn’t care about you. In fact, he doesn’t care about you. He does not consider you so important that he would like to introduce you to his relatives.

How to recognize that your man doesn't care about you?

4. Even though he asks you for favors, he doesn’t want to give them back.

He makes no effort to make things easier for you. He has no problem requesting favors from you. He is not hesitant to ask for your help. But if you want some help from a supporter and you are not comfortable asking from him. He has no confidence in your relationship at all. He acts like a selfish person.

5. You’re still the initiator of conversations.

You don’t seem like the one who gets the texts out of nowhere. You never get these romantic, unexpected calls from him. You’re still the one that makes an effort to try and get close to him. Even though you are trying to make conversations and discussions, your partner may refuse to continue the discussions. You are the one who is strongly invested in creating a connection.

How to recognize that your man doesn't care about you?

6. He’s not doing anything to make you happy.

He doesn’t feel obliged to work out for your relationship. He doesn’t feel the need to work hard to satisfy you. He doesn’t care about you being happy at all. That’s how you can say he doesn’t really care for you. That’s how you know he’s not really bothered by your feelings.

7. He’s got no interest in your life.

He doesn’t want to ask you about your life or even never tries to involve your matters. He has no interest at all in who you are or what makes you react. He’s not interested in your life at all. And another way to say it is that he just doesn’t care who you are as a person in general. He doesn’t try to get to know more about your life since you are not a special person to him.

How to recognize that your man doesn't care about you?

8. He treats you like he treats other people.

He doesn’t give you special care. He still treats you like everyone does. He treats you like someone he knows. You might as well be an outsider by the way he treats you. He doesn’t exactly act as if he invested in having a special relationship with you.

9. There is no special treating for you.

Usually, when there is a good relationship, your partner specially treats you. You are so special to him. But if you feel that your partner doesn’t take care of you, there may be a problem. You don’t think you could ever count on him to protect you against threats or potential harm. You may feel insecure even he is with you. You don’t believe that he’s covering for you because he doesn’t care much about you.

How to recognize that your man doesn't care about you?

10.He never plans the future with you.

He doesn’t care about you because he’s not interested in working for a common future for the both of you. There is no common goal for both. He only considers his future and plans to succeed in it. He just likes what you have and who you are right now. He’s not interested in moving to a higher level with you.

11.He never collects the money or sells it.

He keeps expecting you to pay. He’s still waiting for you to spend money. He keeps expecting you to be his piggy bank because he never wants to spend money on you.

12.He avoids serious and deep conversations.

He is not really interested in having a deep and profound relationship with you because he avoids having serious discussions with you. He doesn’t really try to explore your inner selves because he doesn’t really think about you or what you mean to him.

So, these are some signs that indicate your partner does not care about you. If you feel these things from your man, it’s better to make a wise decision on your relationship.

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