Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School ‘Crazy Hair Day’


For some girls, hair is one of a thing to be proud. Especially for little angels who are dreaming for a long lengthy hair. But what if you don’t have a hair and also you don’t want to miss the school Crazy hair day just because you are Bold.

Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School ‘Crazy Hair Day’ (5)
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Gianessa is the girl seven years’ old who overcome this challenge by winning the prize for Crazy hair even though she didn’t have any single hair on her head. As she’s suffering from Alopecia, Gianessa lost her beautiful hair day by day even she wants it more and more.

It must say that if you have a strong mother nothing can beat and defeat you. So by proving that Gianessa’s mother Daniella, a strong woman didn’t want to miss the event which her daughter was waited for a long time just because of her illness. Even the disease delayed her life for a while mother didn’t want to accept the downfall while challenge and face to it.

Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School ‘Crazy Hair Day’ (5)
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She has decided to color her daughter’s scalp by using a few sparkling jewel pieces where it gave a gorgeous look for Gianessa. She has made an owl and flowers which picked by Gianessa from a scrapbook. Daniella was capable to make the exact image as per her little kid wanted to be printed on the scalp. In Crazy hair day, Daniella knew that her daughter was going to grab this opportunity since she observed the response of other kids when they arrived at the school.

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By encouraging this mother and daughter bond as same as the other kids who are suffering from Alopecia, she won the prize while giving the message to the world that nothing can defeat the courage of a person. and she gave the message for the people who are losing hair due to illness that they can wear what they make comfortable; wigs, scarf, hats or even they can rock their bald look which most of them not have.

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